Tuesday, 19 January 2010

10 Things NOT to tweet bout.

Well micro blogging a.k.a tweeting is such a hit knowadays. So i've ripped off a post from The Oatmeal. Tho i may be guilty, no 1 is my favorite. Enjoy =)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

new yEAR's look.

I did it =D Got my yEAR pierced XD

Got a vidoe of me getting it done. Editted it to stop once i started to scream and cry. And yes i know my hair is long. Got a feeling it'll get longer. O.O

AS IF -___-

Anyways, pictures of my snowWOMAN!
Wei Kit showing the pose

Scary Ju-on

And that's another shirtless picture of me. Ran across a frozen lake.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Woke up and saw this...

Beautiful isnt it? only one thing to do!

Snow Fight?

Meet Frogy (fake frosty)

Its actually pretty tall. Was kinda tiring to make.

Warming up. For this.....
(this was Chongs suggestion)
He was Thirsty

will post more photos and the other snow man we built in d night. and maybe the sex change operation for mr frogy


Late but still here. Well late cuz i welcomed 2010 later than most ppl i know. 8 hours later to be exact and late cuz i'm only posting bout it now.

2010 marks an exciting year for me. Well it did start with a bang. Didnt think i'll every meet ppl from countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, France and Mexico. Looks like i stumbled into a Eastern European party. But i had fun anyways. They sure do know how to party; unlike some Asians who KO-ed before midnight (the ppl i went with -_-)

Well 3 resolutions. Thought bout them long and hard
  1. To learn Mandarin (ironic. come to the UK and learn that)
  2. To do join more clubs and event. Experience the UK.
  3. To mix more with people from other countries.
FYI, i dont think studying and getting a good grade is considered a resolution. Guess its more like a necessity (right dad?). So its not there but it is important.

Well will have a personal motto of 'Per Ardua Ad Alta' which means through efforts to high things (i stole it from my uni) and hopefully my year of favour will be one of partying =D