Thursday, 3 April 2008

S A M - Stupid Assignments Multiply

The work is piling up and my ability to procrastinate is reaching its limit. i'm using every ounce of my strength to put of what i can do today to tomorrow. (its not easy ok) so what the best way to do your homework??
by blogging!! ( now you understand why i rarely blog. it weakens my procrastinating abilities as i also have procrastinate on when i will post therefore spreading out my capacity to procrastinate into separate tasks altogether)
hence i'll be induced to do my homework =S
anyways the major stuff i gotta do :

1) ESL- thesis (1000words) due 1st week of May
ISA -Is it ethically justified?
yes. we must use it to help the corrupted government stay in power.

2) Physics-research paper (2000words) due 3rd week of May
Magnetic Bottle
omg. i regret choosing this topic. its a load of bull crap. (its still in the experimental stage)

3)Social Relevance Task- (1000words) due 14th April
Alum is used as a flocculating agent. Should its use be continued?
something bout what chemical is the best to make very shitty water not shitty.

AND FYI. these are the assignments that i've actually done. WOHOOO!!!! its a miracle the list is not empty. future not so dim eh?

1) LAN -report(3000words) Does freedom of information really exist in Malaysia? nope. cuz the only source of information we get is thru the internet. and thats not in Malaysia. its in cyber space =D
(ok fine. i didnt really do it. my group members wrote it. i just presented it XD)

2)ESL -Issue Analysis(5 minutes) How to have good family relationships. i am so F-ing and G-ing and H-ing pissed bout the marks i got. wtf man. she like just choose a number a day and gives everyone the same mark. even tho i presented with such gusto (10minutes)

on top of these major assignments there's the regular homework. like EVERY FREAKING DAY. quote from anonymous lecture that i previously dedicated a blog post to "Do you know why i like being a teacher? Cause i can give homework" OMG... sadistic teacher that wants us to suffer.

GAH. SAM sucks.
its Self Abusing Matriculation.
so before i'm off to try and do my work i'm gonna post some COMICS!!! yeah
pls note that,
Larry=Brian Wife =Jimmy
Bob =Joshua Frank=Eu Tjin

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