Wednesday, 24 February 2010


aka distraction.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Lightning Thief

Wanted to do this earlier.

A while ago my fren introduced me to this book (or more like i saw him having it and took it from him XD) Looking back i think this book also sealed out friendship among with other stuff like ping pong and RO -_- But bout the book. After reading the first, i was so captured that i wanted the second, the third and so on. This book i'm talking bout is Percy Jackson and The Olympians.

Might write a review on it later, but this book by far betters much more popular books nowadays like Harry Botter and TwiTlight or even Artemis Fowl. SOOOOO on the 12th, the movie for the first book will be released. The movie will prolly butcher the book by the looks of the trailer and as it is directed by the dude who directed the first two Harry Botter movies. ie how they made Percy better looking (he had ache in the book) and more powerful than in the book. (Yes i can go on and on. I'm an avid fan XD) Guess thats the side effects of Hollywood.

If u dont like Greek mythology, then screw you! XD Bit bout the book. Percy Jackson finds out he's half god half human, or in the book, a demigod. (same as Hercules, Achilles, and Perseus, who he was named after) And being demigod has its pro and cons. Pros? Awesome powers, superhuman strength and reflexes and other stuff. Cons? Well, power struggle, war and betray pretty much sums it up. Also, i love how the author, Rick Riordan kept the stories short and action packed with tons of humour. And also how he liked up alot of greek mythology to current events and places, that its almost possible to believe the story is real. Anyways hope you'll catch the movie, but if possible, read the book first. Might be the best book to me so far.

btw, Chor Yeng was the guy who introduced the book to me and the first book is called, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


On monday i snoozed my way till 2pm =S made up for my unproductively by going to fencing! Which to my surprise was having a friendly tourney. Lost d first bout. Damn lefties! So bloody confusing. Got back the next bout 5-0 =D
Tuesday was more productive in the sense that i woke up for class (as i had a presentation). Tho i smoked my way thru it, response was pretty decent. FYI, doing an sustainability study of my University (basically see how we can improve on things such as energy, water and waste management)
Anyways been also really busy reading this site. Some how my two older sisters always seem to find really funny websites. Its a gift? And i promote them. This one was found by Tay.
Will post up my favorite 'failbooks' when i've got time as well as some other funny stuffy i found. btw suggestions for the '99 things to do before 30' are still open! Feed back ppl!

Friday, 5 February 2010

What we do

Yesterday i watched a man who has been fencing for 70 years. I'd put him at bout 85 years old. Yet I'm quite sure if i stepped in the piste he'd beat me easily. The day before yesterday, i went for a dance class. It only served to reconfirm the fact that i have to left feet. Just now i watched this 12 year old boy with some amazing guitar skills. My guitar, so far away is prolly rusty. There are so many things in the world that one can accomplish. Yet there are even more that one cant. But i believe with hard work we can do enough to keep us busy.
And that is what I'll spend my time doing. Whether its learning how to do a wall back flip, or some kick as guitar solo or simply just to dance. Still have my other goals as stated in my resolution. For now, the first I'll tackle is:
get a job. Then hopefully the others. With tons of practice and work of course. I'll be writing down some sort of list before i turn 20.
The title? "99 things to accomplish before 30" Any suggestions? =D

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

There's a first for everything.....

like salsa class

this video is...

kinda cool XD

cant sleep cuz i woke up late

and more (than i have now)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Today I..

Got back from London in d wee hours.
Woke up late.
Got to class (the later ones).
Measured some particle sizes (came out to be pretty good at 1-10microns).
Went for an Alpha course class cuz there was free dinner.
And headed off to a pub after.
Decided to clear my backlog of blogposts ASAP.
Wrote a blogpost.
Went to bed