Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Erection Election day is over. and guess WHOOT???
yeah yeah yeah.. 82 parlimentry seats. the denial of the 2/3 majority. the smashing of the UMNO political hegemany. wondering whats that?? look it up. it basically means a goverment using its power to get more power. hmmm. sounds UMNO to you?? well i'm glad that i've been somewhat politically aware on the days coming up to the election. reading blogs and online newspapers. even went for ceramahs. something i'll blog bout later. but i tell you, it was awesome.
Well it was a wonderful day it was yesterday. (except the fact that all out badminton players crashed out of the all england and MU lost the FA Cup match !#&%#) News that sammy was out. shahrizat lost. gangster kayveas ousted.
MIC has fallen. PPP and Gerakan finished. AND the MCA suffering huge defeats in the hand of......DAP! looks like UMNO is standing all alone. and i'll say that they are bearly standing at all. So i reckon we'll have a better Malaysia in time to come. to those who say may 13 will happen. screw you.
p/s: deepest regrets to Lee Hwa Beng and Donald Lim.

Monday, 25 February 2008

I'm hungry and you're a potatoe

was really hungry when i was initially writing this post. was like a week plus ago (15th). but i'm just gonna post half of this post up anways and cont it later.

Had dinner. company was awesome
Then headed to laundry with my cousins. Cant understand why would some one name a bar that. i mean i hate doing my laundry. and going there wasnt a big deal. there were like gays men n transexuals dancing. n they we really ugly. not a nice sight.

doing laundry?

Woke on friday late and with an headache. =S

GOT my math quiz back on friday. guess wat?93% not 100%.
wat a load of crap. all for missing out one negative sign (-) damn it. wat a waste.

point of this post? watch

if you dont get this you suck

Wednesday, 20 February 2008


been busy. but i've actually writen alot of entries. atleast half way. so wat i'm gonna do now is post these random entries( that are incomplete) and hopefully finish them of in d next post. suspense? watch out

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

3 Weeks

Alot can happen.
For example it takes 3 weeks for one to accurately discover than one is pregnant. in case u have some weird idea i would like to clarify that i am not pregnant (males arent able to do that, yet) neither did i make anyone pregnant.for details bout the pregnancy test facts check it out(its at the timing of the test section and u gotta do some math for it. 17+4 days=21 days=3 weeks)

3 weeks.lets see what the most popular thing that pops up when u google 3 weeks.
  1. 3weeks=21 days. WOW i didnt know that
  2. Tisha Bav BETTER!
    Something regarding the second destruction of the temple. in which 5 things happened.
    1. Moshe Rabbenu broke the Luchot.
    2. The sheep supply for the sacrifices ran out as a result of the siege.
    3. The outer walls of Jerusalem were breached during the Second Temple.
    4. Apostramus (1) burnt a Torah scroll.
    5. An idol was erected in the Beit Hamikdash

    I'm sure u wouldnt wanna know what this stuff mean but too bad. i'm talking bout it. you can always move your mouse to the top of your screen click on this 'x' shaped object on the top of your window, which is the button to close the window(my blog) Back to the mourning thing. well during this period the ppl will have four types of restrictions arise: weddings, haircuts, shehecheyanu, and striking one's children.shehecheyanu?? she he che ya nu??? nvm bout tat. i find the restriction real weird....but it is judaisaim.

so i'll tell u bout my 3 weeks. i ate. went to coll. and did all none of my math homework.
yet i had no time to update. cool.