Thursday, 17 January 2008

( o )

Word of the day: Butt hole.

Why? Cuz i have one. You have one. And my stupid neighbour that's having a FREAKING WEDDING PARTY ANNOYING LOUD MUSIC AT 1AM THATS PISSING ME OFF has one too.

How am I to study???
Ok. Thats a lame excuse XD Anyways i should be nice. They actually warned us. Got this the other day.

Dear neighbours,

We are having a wedding function from 17th-19th January 08. We apologize if any inconvenience causes on that day.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Neighbour No:26

***end of letter***

3 freaking days of this??

note: it was finger-drawn(without the presence of a mouse)

Saturday, 12 January 2008

But Why??

Why not?
If you've been asking,why read tim's blog? This post is for you.

Reading is a way to acquire knowledge and to learn. Therefore we should be always be careful about what we read. If we read works of a more intelligent being, we can boost our intellect. But if one read works of a shallow (stupid) person, one might fine one's self retarding. To all, this is where my blog comes in. Remember the thingy bout works of a more intelligent being?? Here it is, My Blog.
For this statement i shall use a simple illustration to prove my point and i hope you can understand it.
First, we shall take my brain and represent it to something very big. Like the earth. Then we shall represent your brain with something VERY small, like your brain. To ensure you understand the magnitude of this i have kindly posted a picture to capture this statement.

please note:
earth=my brain
small tiny red dot that is encircled by the white circle=your brain
Bet you cant see it right but its there! just like you've never seen your brain before.
(But sometimes i doubt if u actually have one)

So now that it evident that my brain is 10000000 times larger than yours (considering that it is said humans only use about 10.4% of their brain) i conclude that i am smarter than you, you and you. So by reading my blog, one can gain the nuggets of wisdom then i may so kind choose to bestow to all. Good enough reason??

I nice. I make u CLEVERER =)

Friday, 11 January 2008


I'm so proud of all of you.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

0801G64147-Lee Timothy Weng Yan

Welcome To Taylors University College!-Orientation DaYY
Quote from SAMDIRECTORWATNOT- "SAM 2008, i am VERy disappointed with you...blah blah BLAH...making so much noise....coming late for the orientation (nag nag nag).... chewing gum...making out....being restless"

Crap. They treat us like sec school students. I'm so enjoying it =)
Anyways first two days of college? were cool? and filled with akward silences?
So in the free time i have, I have decided to have my like unofficial goals for SAM (kind of like d soft launch)
As the following:
  1. obtain a TER of 99.5% and above (try la)
  2. become the student council head for SAM
  3. blow up atleast one experiment and one toilet bowl
  4. start no less than 4 fires (real ones. not some like match stick fire)
  5. conjour havoc as many times possible
  6. throw a duood out of d window.


Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Oh no.
It all starts. Tommorrow.....

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Of Blogs, Blogging and Bloggers

Why do people blog?
For fun? Cause they have nothing else better to do?
Maybe for inner reflection and searching?
What ever your reason may be i doubt its anywhere close to mine.

It all started when my family plus-plus (meaning the group of homeless boys are over) were having a convo bout blogs. Well we were mainly making fun of my sister's blog (sarah) try visiting it!
Me being a loud mouth was the most critical and was yabbering on bout it. So to cut long story short i was challenged to start a blog by homeless boy number 1 aka fergus the frog.
Therefore i have created a blog that will be superior to the rest. AMEN AwoMEN and Aboy(smallMEN)!
As serious as my first post may be i shall also dedicate my blog to being as critical as i can about various fields such as politics, people and even other blogs. And if i'm not making fun of people i'll just be rambling bout my life?

Over N out.

ps:- homeless boys=sisters' boyfriends
ps:- blog entries bout the various types of blogs coming up! ect bimbo blogs, ultra serious+spiritual+refectory blogs, complaining blogs, food blogs, useless blogs, LOA blogs, ANDD BORING BLOGS!!!
pss:- have fun reading??