Thursday, 3 January 2008

0801G64147-Lee Timothy Weng Yan

Welcome To Taylors University College!-Orientation DaYY
Quote from SAMDIRECTORWATNOT- "SAM 2008, i am VERy disappointed with you...blah blah BLAH...making so much noise....coming late for the orientation (nag nag nag).... chewing gum...making out....being restless"

Crap. They treat us like sec school students. I'm so enjoying it =)
Anyways first two days of college? were cool? and filled with akward silences?
So in the free time i have, I have decided to have my like unofficial goals for SAM (kind of like d soft launch)
As the following:
  1. obtain a TER of 99.5% and above (try la)
  2. become the student council head for SAM
  3. blow up atleast one experiment and one toilet bowl
  4. start no less than 4 fires (real ones. not some like match stick fire)
  5. conjour havoc as many times possible
  6. throw a duood out of d window.


1 comment:

Genusfrog said...

when you blow up a toilet bowl, please make sure of two things. 1. it's got shit in it. 2. you post the pics here. then baru legend.