Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Of Blogs, Blogging and Bloggers

Why do people blog?
For fun? Cause they have nothing else better to do?
Maybe for inner reflection and searching?
What ever your reason may be i doubt its anywhere close to mine.

It all started when my family plus-plus (meaning the group of homeless boys are over) were having a convo bout blogs. Well we were mainly making fun of my sister's blog (sarah) try visiting it!
Me being a loud mouth was the most critical and was yabbering on bout it. So to cut long story short i was challenged to start a blog by homeless boy number 1 aka fergus the frog.
Therefore i have created a blog that will be superior to the rest. AMEN AwoMEN and Aboy(smallMEN)!
As serious as my first post may be i shall also dedicate my blog to being as critical as i can about various fields such as politics, people and even other blogs. And if i'm not making fun of people i'll just be rambling bout my life?

Over N out.

ps:- homeless boys=sisters' boyfriends
ps:- blog entries bout the various types of blogs coming up! ect bimbo blogs, ultra serious+spiritual+refectory blogs, complaining blogs, food blogs, useless blogs, LOA blogs, ANDD BORING BLOGS!!!
pss:- have fun reading??


Genusfrog said...

nice green. man, it's such a winner's green. like, grand champion green. i look at it and at once, i'm ashamed of my blog.

all hail Tim the Destroyer of a Man's Concept of Himself.


Athalia said...


You have a long way to go before your blog is superior. But we will teaches you ya. And sub you. Yes, by the love of God we will sub you!

Enjoyed your posts very muchos :D