Thursday, 27 March 2008


As a relatively young blogger (almost 4 months and bout 20 posts old) i am faced with this challenge. Blogging consistently. How do other bloggers have time to sit down every two or so days to blog whether they may write bout their lives, events, opinions, views or bout anything===> total crap. What ever genre of blogging they fall in (creditable or not) the updates keep flooding in.
1 a) So why then do i have so much trouble updating regularly?

  • I have a full+busy life (ar that's before i was temporarily restricted from night life hence i have to be stay home and blog) so i do have alot to blog bout.
  • I have tons of drafts (more then i have actual posts) that are just waiting to be completed.
  • I live an exciting life full of humorous encounters n weird/funny/weird weird people daily (eg Mr Woon) but typing it out is just such a drag.
  • When inspired to blog about something i never get around to writing it down hence i forget. so the greatest ever blog post could have well been forgotten.

  • So the answer is(for question 1a) .............................i am lazy/busy with other stuff (eg sleeping and smoking weed)

    Therefore solution to that is to get some one to blog for me. like a secretary or a biographer.
    yeah right!
    why would i trust anyone to write something as significant and historic as my life?
    guess i'll have to like do it all my self. gosh i'm complaining bout blogging.

    And because this post can be considered an unhappy/ranting post i'll like to dedicate this post to a very special teacher of mine who has greatly impacted my life (and damaged my ears) over the short time i've been with her. so this is to teacher.... don't kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    ps - if you invert my post and read it thru a mirror u'll be able to see a secret code. Once you get the code send it to be eligible for a free gift!
    pss-Mr Woon is an insurance seller in disguise. He's so good at cheating ppl. (esp in spec math)
    pssstttt- ps=postscrip, pss=prepostscript and psssttt indicates i'm telling you a secret so don't tell anyone =D

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    David said...

    Ah, now the real crunch comes .. as you've said it .. "Why is it so much trouble to update regularly?"

    Slowly la, ya?