Wednesday, 6 February 2008

3 Weeks

Alot can happen.
For example it takes 3 weeks for one to accurately discover than one is pregnant. in case u have some weird idea i would like to clarify that i am not pregnant (males arent able to do that, yet) neither did i make anyone pregnant.for details bout the pregnancy test facts check it out(its at the timing of the test section and u gotta do some math for it. 17+4 days=21 days=3 weeks)

3 weeks.lets see what the most popular thing that pops up when u google 3 weeks.
  1. 3weeks=21 days. WOW i didnt know that
  2. Tisha Bav BETTER!
    Something regarding the second destruction of the temple. in which 5 things happened.
    1. Moshe Rabbenu broke the Luchot.
    2. The sheep supply for the sacrifices ran out as a result of the siege.
    3. The outer walls of Jerusalem were breached during the Second Temple.
    4. Apostramus (1) burnt a Torah scroll.
    5. An idol was erected in the Beit Hamikdash

    I'm sure u wouldnt wanna know what this stuff mean but too bad. i'm talking bout it. you can always move your mouse to the top of your screen click on this 'x' shaped object on the top of your window, which is the button to close the window(my blog) Back to the mourning thing. well during this period the ppl will have four types of restrictions arise: weddings, haircuts, shehecheyanu, and striking one's children.shehecheyanu?? she he che ya nu??? nvm bout tat. i find the restriction real weird....but it is judaisaim.

so i'll tell u bout my 3 weeks. i ate. went to coll. and did all none of my math homework.
yet i had no time to update. cool.

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