Friday, 18 July 2008

the Rite of Right wRiting

Things to write:
  1. Song (end of the year)
  2. New blog post (asap)
  3. Continuation of my old blog posts (asap)
  4. The rest of my old drafts (asap)
  5. Physics IDS (Monday)
  6. This (12.00)

Some one once told me, a imperfect blog post now is better than a perfect blog post tomorrow. so here I am trying to capture my instantaneous feelings.

NOT very easy looking at the long list.hmmm lets see,
there's sleepiness sleepiness and sleepiness. wow
so much to contain. so much to express. one could imagine how i actually do it but i still do(even tho it aint often according to my readers) anyways this post is more like a memo to me.

here is goes "i shall WAKE up in time for class." or... at least i woundnt miss it. i hope. something like that.

note: my asap is above monday. so wouldnt have anything on here before than.
-end of short post-

1 comment:

Genusfrog said...

Don't take the imperfection too far. It's "an imperfect", not "a".

And that someone was me.