Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I hope to unsettle the dust from this old blog by quote my Liquid Mixing Systems professor, Dr Mark Simmons.
"Your must really love coming to class since your paid to be here. I'm paid to be here. pft"

Tomorrow marks my second week here in Birmingham. WOW. (I know i should be posting pictures but I haven't really been able to get many photos so that'll have to wait) Birmingham might not be the place I imagined to be. Actually imagined somewhat more dark and gloomy. But even as I have to walk in the rain to University in the not so bitter cold I think that its actually better than what I expected.
Talking bout walking in the rain. I would advice anyone from buying brown paper for anything.
why? because everyday, everywhere here, tons of leaves fall onto the ground. and everyday everywhere, there's rain. and everyday,
everywhere there's people walking. put them together.
leaves drop. leaves get wet. leaves get trampled on. leaves turn to pulp. paper manufacturers harvest pulp in the dead of the night. pulp is ironed into brown paper. TRUST ME. I'm a Chemical Engineer. (Or soon to be). Brown paper is a RIP OFF! especially if they come with pretty leave patterns.

Well I'll sign of by stating one goal that i have set out to accomplish in my stay here (not the only goal) but i wanna learn to ply a new sport. Not alot of sports left I cant really play but my choice is lacrosse!! Its kinda like a combination of hand ball and badminton with American Football contact! Hope i get that chance to pick it up.

Looks exciting huh?

OOooo. Contact sports. Cant wait!


Genusfrog said...

any sport that involves helmets - including fencing and motor racing - is a sissy sport.

canoeing - now THAT'S machisimo.

blah said...

so american football is sissy too? hmmmm. its weird but teh female lacrose players dont wear helmets. guess they must be more macho huh?