Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas Eve and Snow

Snow at d front (first day)

Snow at the back(Christmas eve)

Poor turkey had a butt ache. 2 Apples =S
Mushrooms and Tomashrooms with cheese

All the food with the 2 very lazy girls who watched
Chinese dramas while the guys cooked behind.

And this is what Chemical Engineers think of when we make coleslaw.
Like show below.
Reynolds number, Power number, Prandtl Number bla bla.
And this is without the calculations.
Btw there was SOOO much coleslaw. Dont wanna talk bout what happened to it.

All in all it was an enjoyable Christmas dinner. Tho it was so similar to an KFC meal. The contents i mean; turkey(type of fowl), mash potatoes, coleslaw, deep fired chicken which is like d pop corn chicken. Only the appetisers were different. Look forward to more cook outs like this.


Phoebe said...

yummy!! ((((:

Liz said...

your snow at the back on christmas eve is beautiful

blah said...

phoebe: yeah was yummy. =D but my mom's is still d best.
liz: got more snow photos coming up. snow man =p