Friday, 23 April 2010


Was walking in Selly Oak some time back and I saw this poster.
At the first glance, I didnt notice the small blue words at the bottom, so i was like -_- wtf?
But after noticing it, I found it quite funny. went online and found a few other similar posters targeting the 'mistakes' Gordon Brown has done. Well dont know much bout whats going on but he's really getting a bad image atm.
So, it got me thinking, what will this poster look like in Malaysia? What can we write bout our AWESOME Prime Minister. Well tried making one.
Quite sure its factual as well (blowing some one up with a c4 is quite criminal-like).
iMoving on, sure you have heard bout the Ibrahim Ali's interview with Al-Jazeera. Friend found a wrap bout his rant.

Pretty funny ey? Well in one of our gathering, we decided to come up with our cover version of it. SO, here it is =D

One more thing, just recently UK passed a bill called the Digital Economy Bill (DEB) that is basically to lock down on illegal downloading. CRAP. hope they take like 5 years to enforce it. Apparently they can cut your internet access if u're caught. Here I was thinking that UK is a downloading heaven.
ps:Tal, i updated!