Monday, 25 February 2008

I'm hungry and you're a potatoe

was really hungry when i was initially writing this post. was like a week plus ago (15th). but i'm just gonna post half of this post up anways and cont it later.

Had dinner. company was awesome
Then headed to laundry with my cousins. Cant understand why would some one name a bar that. i mean i hate doing my laundry. and going there wasnt a big deal. there were like gays men n transexuals dancing. n they we really ugly. not a nice sight.

doing laundry?

Woke on friday late and with an headache. =S

GOT my math quiz back on friday. guess wat?93% not 100%.
wat a load of crap. all for missing out one negative sign (-) damn it. wat a waste.

point of this post? watch

if you dont get this you suck


Genusfrog said...

Tim!!! You posted your picture! Sooo hensem! You see. I made this website JUST for you.

Genusfrog said...

oh ya btw. happy birthday.