Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Erection Election day is over. and guess WHOOT???
yeah yeah yeah.. 82 parlimentry seats. the denial of the 2/3 majority. the smashing of the UMNO political hegemany. wondering whats that?? look it up. it basically means a goverment using its power to get more power. hmmm. sounds UMNO to you?? well i'm glad that i've been somewhat politically aware on the days coming up to the election. reading blogs and online newspapers. even went for ceramahs. something i'll blog bout later. but i tell you, it was awesome.
Well it was a wonderful day it was yesterday. (except the fact that all out badminton players crashed out of the all england and MU lost the FA Cup match !#&%#) News that sammy was out. shahrizat lost. gangster kayveas ousted.
MIC has fallen. PPP and Gerakan finished. AND the MCA suffering huge defeats in the hand of......DAP! looks like UMNO is standing all alone. and i'll say that they are bearly standing at all. So i reckon we'll have a better Malaysia in time to come. to those who say may 13 will happen. screw you.
p/s: deepest regrets to Lee Hwa Beng and Donald Lim.

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