Saturday, 24 May 2008

Life is SHORT,

So make fun of it.
And now, Timothy makes his SHORT appearance,

on his OWN blog which is a rather TALL order.

What can i say? life's been busy. the couch beckons. but i'll post some exurbs of my life. Firstly.....
FTZ IS CLOSED!!! OMGWTFBBQ... stupid MPSJ. Maybe i should write a letter to appeal to Hannah Yeoh and demand that she intervenes for the sake of youths. We NEED to aimlessly spend hours virtually killing our frens over and over again. come on. Is that to much to ask?

Secondly, i would to officially penned down my distain for a director of the name Wong Kar Wai. One word comes to my mine when i hear his name. Pervert. Yet the feeling of dissatisfaction shall not be further expounded as most of your havent even watch yet heard of him so u would understand what i'm talking about. but trust me. He sucks. IF u disagree call me and i'll give u a long talk bout it.

Next would be a commandment that i commission all who read to follow:
its a TOTAL rip off. well i was smart enough to not eat there. i mean i ate food IN Wendy's and i ate Wendy's food. but they weren't really Wendy's as they belonged to my frens and i picked at them. but i guess i had enough to comment.
Wendy's tag line: Wendy's hot and juicy hamburgers are always fresh and never frozen. Its waaay better that fast food. Its Wendy's!
Wat a stupid tag line. "always fresh and never frozen"? come one. i can buy ramli burgers that are more fresh and ARENT frozen. AS IF anyone serves burgers frozen. freaking retards. Totally agree with the "its Wendy's" part cuz they're putting selves in a different class; A class below SHIT.
Verdict: BIG TIME LOSER!! i get more enjoyment eating cheaper McD's or even a road stall burger.
well guess thats all for today. Already caused enough commotion. cheerios

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