Wednesday, 11 June 2008

EURO: A (Late) Introduction

I must admit that the days building up to this event wasnt like how it used to be. Maybe it was due to the busyness of life. Maybe it was the overload of football prior to this event. Or maybe it was the absence of England. But as the 5th day of matches progresses i found a real cause to worry.
WHAT will you do when your sister watches more EURO matches than YOU? Well i havent really watched a full one. In fact i havent even watched one half of the match. But out of the 8 matches played so far i think she's watch around 6? i'll say most dudes wont even boast that. Nevertheless i figured a big event such as this will need blogging! So i thought of a way to cover matches in an unconventional way of description. So watch out.

HINT: it'll incorporate my burn list and Megan Fox.

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