Saturday, 31 May 2008

I SHOULD Be Packing Right Now

7 days on the road ( with a short breather in between)
Hope i'll be able to get a whiff of technology will i'm away. anyways..
FYI i'll be heading over to Damai Laut on sun till wed for a much needed time of relaxation then i'll be going up to Genting for a wackooh timee on thurs and i hope to be back on sat. After that its back to coll n i'll be pretty much deprived of an easy life (that i oh so love) till the year end. So to counter this FULL holiday plan, i have decided to bring my books to the beach!! See, who says i dont plan ahead? i'm already planning to study. or maybe i'll go to the beach and think of a study plan. which is still an improvement as i will be planning on how to study. Seems fair to me. Till then.

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