Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Arent people obsessed with them right now? So am I. NOT. But I'm still gonna blog bout them. 3 things to blog bout actually. You'll see.

1) Twilight
Movie sucks. Book is worst! SOO BLOODY DRAGGY!! I know some girls tend to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on (you get my drift) but Stephenie Meyer took that to a new level. Apart from that, the series has such a poor chronological time sequence and spacing. The first book was in a span of a year. But then Stephenie Meyer wrote 3 MEGA THICK BOOKS and crammed them into another year. Not saying the the book length has to be proportional to the time, just saying she was a TAD bit long winded and messy. Don't know how she planned or wrote the whole thing out. Did a google search just to check my facts and found this . Guess some ppl are free enough to put together a time line of the series. As you can see from the notes, the time lines from the book are not only unrealistic but also inconsistent. Oh well. I guess vampire stories dont obey the rules of time. On top of that, I find Bella such a whiny needy girl latching on to boys like a leech. Hmm... similar to a vampire? Maybe thats why she finds comfort in them. Enough bout that as i guess tons of ppl are disagreeing with me. Even if you do, just read on =D

2)How to become a vampire?
Well prolly alot of ppl wished they could become a vampire. With the power and that crap. Well gonna tell you how u can get kinda there. Or something close. Kinda did an experiment my self.
Takes a few days, so bear with me while I explain.

Day 1. Dont sleep the whole night. To keep awake do something educational like invite a bunch of frens over to play dota non stop. Then sleep at noon of day 2. Wake up at dinner, go partying till dawn. Then sleep past day 3 lunch. Go walking around in the city till its too damn cold. By now your sleeping pattern is pretty much screwed and so is your meal times. By day 3, sleeping is virtually impossible. When attempted, you'll just doze of for an hour or so. Transformation is almost complete. After not sleeping on day 3, you will fall asleep on day 4 in d morning. When you wake up, the sun gas gone down. This is the start of a totally nocturnal lifestyle. Now that you've hidden from d sun, just gotta figure out the small part of being a vampire; how to be immortal and get those cool powers. (hope u can tell that this instructions is basically what i did after my term ended) Will prolly write bout how to cure this the next time. (when the term starts)

Nothing much to say. Sounds like a cool movie. Bout what happens if everyone is a vampire. Starvation? Then again they can always find out a way to clone bloody or create it synthetically. Or cant they get it from animals? And how can they let it come down to that level where they can only last for 1 month. Oh well. Still seems cool and diff from all the other vampire shows so check out the trailer.

So, thats a post bout vampires.


Liz said...

stephenie meyer sucks. created her version of vamps and weres. i'm working on a post about my own version of twilight. =D edward and bella actually won best kiss from mtv >.< ohho i'm on my way to becoming a vamp. almost keeping uk hours now

Liz said...

eyy your car died when we went to watch twilight

blah said...

own version? like what actually should happen? show me d draft! best kiss? zomg. isnt edward supposed to like hold back and wtv? why ya keeping d uk time zone? -_- yeah car bat died. dumb mistake

Liz said...

haha draft? wait for the post la =D omg have you read midnight sun? frm edward's point of view >.< they also won best male and female performance and god knows what else! i slept at 7am ytd morning, woke up at 6 pm >.< dunno, testing your vamp theory?

blah said...

d 5th book that never got finished? hmm no i havent. have u got d link or sumthing? well they just won cuz its so popular and ppl are crazee bout it. -_- percy jackson has a movie. will post d link soon. 7am to 6pm? lol. vamp in malaysia. nice. get much less sun here so its easier to avoid it.

Liz said...

midnight sun (long winded vamps) - http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/midnightsun_partial_draft4.pdf

how it should have ended (something i stumbled upon. so kayu just like the real thing) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqvg0C90FhM

i dont go looking for all this twilight stuff. i just happen upon them =) ya i heard about percy jackson! i wanna read the books again before it comes out. clash of the titans also coming out. about perseus, demi-god percy was named after i think.