Tuesday, 9 February 2010


On monday i snoozed my way till 2pm =S made up for my unproductively by going to fencing! Which to my surprise was having a friendly tourney. Lost d first bout. Damn lefties! So bloody confusing. Got back the next bout 5-0 =D
Tuesday was more productive in the sense that i woke up for class (as i had a presentation). Tho i smoked my way thru it, response was pretty decent. FYI, doing an sustainability study of my University (basically see how we can improve on things such as energy, water and waste management)
Anyways been also really busy reading this site. Some how my two older sisters always seem to find really funny websites. Its a gift? And i promote them. This one was found by Tay.
Will post up my favorite 'failbooks' when i've got time as well as some other funny stuffy i found. btw suggestions for the '99 things to do before 30' are still open! Feed back ppl!


Liz said...

Hey Tim,

'.. my two older sisters?' Aren't all your sisters older than you? hahaha...
Well that's not as bad as me saying '... my three sisters ..' :P

Lee Timothy said...

yes they are. but was talking bout the two OLDER ones among the 3.whats wrong with '... my three sisters ..'?

Athalia said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! Think hard Tim!

Lee Timothy said...

rock formation/moutain?? -_-