Friday, 5 February 2010

What we do

Yesterday i watched a man who has been fencing for 70 years. I'd put him at bout 85 years old. Yet I'm quite sure if i stepped in the piste he'd beat me easily. The day before yesterday, i went for a dance class. It only served to reconfirm the fact that i have to left feet. Just now i watched this 12 year old boy with some amazing guitar skills. My guitar, so far away is prolly rusty. There are so many things in the world that one can accomplish. Yet there are even more that one cant. But i believe with hard work we can do enough to keep us busy.
And that is what I'll spend my time doing. Whether its learning how to do a wall back flip, or some kick as guitar solo or simply just to dance. Still have my other goals as stated in my resolution. For now, the first I'll tackle is:
get a job. Then hopefully the others. With tons of practice and work of course. I'll be writing down some sort of list before i turn 20.
The title? "99 things to accomplish before 30" Any suggestions? =D


pRiScILLa said...

u went for dancing lesson? LOL I CANT BELIEVE it!!!!LOL.......!!!n u wana get a job there?=D n all the bestz for ur- 99 things to accomplish before 30 =D

Athalia said...

I know two people who've posted lists of 100 things they want to do in their life. I've been meaning to write mine for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it.

Check them out, I like that they're very honest, comprehensive lists - some items are probably unachievable but you never know.